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This Website Provides Insight Into Trust and Estate Law from Actual Litigation

The Santa Fe TRUST Case is an effort by a family trustee to hold New Mexico legal and healthcare professionals to account for violations of an intergenerational common law express trust from which the family home and inherited land was taken. This website publicly documents the trustee’s effort.

Actual New Mexico litigation pits the trustee - armed with his written family trust agreement - against a network of Santa Fe professionals. The legal means used by the trustee to hold these professionals to account include state and federal law, New Mexico courts and legislature, the United States Supreme Court, and - ultimately - the words in the family trust agreement.

This website has been created and is being maintained by the family trustee as a means of shining some light on an area of law - estate planning, wills and trusts - which, because of the multi-generational nature of the practice, is open to abuse by attorneys and end-of-life healthcare professionals. In the Santa Fe TRUST Case, the trustee has found the New Mexico legal system to be unable to easily determine or enforce the meaning of a written trust agreement when this means holding members of the legal and healthcare professions to account for breach of the trust contract.

Among the defendants in the Santa Fe TRUST Case are key members of the Santa Fe legal community and a member of the New Mexico state legislature.

Trustee is the 4th Family-Member Trustee of an Intergenerational Family Trust

The elements of the Santa Fe TRUST Case have developed during the tenure of four separate family-member trustees across two family generations. Two “older generation” co-settlors of the TRUST (created in 1979) served together as trustee until one died in 1992. The surviving co-settlor then served alone as (1st) successor trustee for ten years. At the survivor’s death in 2002, a family member of the younger generation became (2nd) successor trustee for four years. In 2006 the current family-member trustee became the (3rd) successor trustee of the TRUST.

In this website the current trustee documents a good family trust arrangement which, after the death of the first co-settlor, was compromised by removal of all key trust property through trust violations orchestrated by legal and healthcare professionals. Then, following the death of the surviving co-settlor, the family’s younger generation found itself in litigation against the very same legal and healthcare professionals who had orchestrated the violations and taken control of the former trust property.  

The Website is Organized by Time Period and Case

The Santa Fe TRUST Case is actually five separate court cases preceded by two time periods. The overall elapsed time spans nearly sixty years, the TRUST was created in the late 1970's and litigation began in Santa Fe in 2002. The most recent three court cases are presently pending. Click below on any colored period or case box for further details.

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This website uses generic descriptors for individuals and for organizations including law firms, healthcare institutions and courts. Each generic identity corresponds to real people or organized entities involved in Underlying litigation.

Actual district, state and federal court case numbers can be made available on request to the following inquirers: (1) attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of New Mexico willing to support the trustee’s litigation; (2) individuals or groups seeking to invest in or contribute to the Santa Fe TRUST Case Advocacy Fund; and/or (3) any family trustee or beneficiary of a family trust who has experienced - or is experiencing - trust and estate difficulties similar to those described here.

Qualified inquiries should be initiated by email only to “”.